Bento Lunch Accessories

‘Bento’ is the traditional Japanese art of packing lunches and meals into elaborately decorated boxes that are divided into sections for holding individual portions of food. Easily create your own Bento lunch by adding some cute accessories to bring a little bit of fun to mealtimes.  From bread cutters and snack container options to cute mini food picks, we have every accessory you could possibly need to brighten up any lunch box.

Food Pick Characters

Encourage fussy eaters to try new foods by decorating with our adorable food picks. Choose from a variety of designs, including googly eyes, flowers, animal characters and many more.

Sandwich Cutters

Turning plain-old sandwiches into lovable characters is one of the best ways to encourage your child to eat lunch. Our Lunch Punch sandwich cutters can turn an ordinary sandwich into a train, puzzle, delicious cupcake or friendly animal.

Show your child how fun lunch can be when you brighten up their lunch box with food accessories and snack containers from our store.