Do you have a fussy eater ? How do you encourage your child to try new foods?  Introducing the Tapas Lunch for kids !

Living in Melbourne I am spoiled with restaurant choices but Tapas restaurants are one of my favourites. I enjoy sharing small portioned plates of delicious hot and cold foods with my friends. The dishes just seem to keep coming out of the restaurant kitchen ! I love the combination of food flavours (especially with a glass of wine or sangria) and you get the chance to try new foods that you may otherwise not try if ordering a full meal. So, if trying to encourage your kids to try new foods, why not try a ‘Tapas Lunch’ ! It is a great healthy packed lunch solution and offers variety, small portions and colour.

It is easy to create a kids Tapas Lunch using the Yumbox Leakproof Bento or the Boon Trunk and Cargo lunch boxesThe end result is a variety of bite sized portions, colourful presentation and a healthy, balanced meal. Why not use the following suggestions as a guide…..

  1. Protein: ham slices, sausage slices or cabana, meatballs or eggs.
  2. Dairy: cheese is always part of a tapas menu. There are so many delicious cheeses available and a great source of calcium for growing bones. The Yumbox also has leakproof compartments so you can include yoghurt in your Tapas Lunch knowing it won’t leak into the other compartments.
  3. Grains: small, bite sized sandwiches are fantastic in a Tapas Lunch. Use wholegrain or wholemeal bread and add some fun by using a Lunch Punch sandwich cutter to create flower, car, jigsaw, cupcake, butterfly or elephant shapes. Homemade savoury muffins or zucchini slice are also fantastic lunch box ideas.
  4. Vegetables: carrot, celery, cucumber and capsicum sticks are quick and easy to prepare and add fantastic colour to your child’s Tapas Lunch. Add some cherry tomatoes for a splash of red or for the adventurous child, pop in some olives too !
  5. Fruit: we are blessed with delicious fruit in Australia so choose whatever is in season. Small, bite sized pieces of apple, watermelon, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe (melon) or whole strawberries or grapes are a great addition to a Tapas Lunch and fit well inside the Yumbox.  Pop in some sultanas too !

So, this weekend when you are preparing your grocery shopping list, make sure you include some foods that would be great in your child’s Tapas Lunch this week ! Salud ! (cheers in Spanish !) 

pink-yumbox-girl  green-yumbox-open-1   Yumbox Purple Boon-cargo-lunch-box-1  lunch-punch-sandwishes-sandwich-cutters (2) lunch-punch-match-munch-sandwich-cutters (2)