Built ~ Spicy Relish Lunch Tote ~ Nolita Stripe

Built ~ Spicy Relish Lunch Tote ~ Nolita Stripe

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This innovative Spicy Relish Lunch Tote / Bag is from the 'Built' range of designer lunch totes & bags for women.

Made from protective neoprene (the wetsuit material) this lunch bag is functional while also stylish - perfect for busy Mums on the go!

The Spicy Relish Lunch Tote is extra roomy and features a removable shoulder strap (detach before washing) and an interior pocket for extra storage.

The Nolita Stripe design features brightly coloured stripes of varying widths.

Other features include:

* Insulates up to four hours

* Tested for lead safety — no vinyl or PVC used

* Expands to fit a variety of food and drink containers

* Stores flat

* Zip closure

* Machine washable

* Stain resistant

Exterior Dimensions:

W 34cm x H 29cm x D 8cm