Trunki Kids Suitcase ~ Harley Design (Ladybug)


Product Description

Trunki Kids Luggage is the world’s first ride-on suitcase. ‘Harley’ (Ladybug) has been especially designed so kids can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage.

Trunki is also suitable to take on board a plane as hand luggage and will easily fit in overhead lockers.

Other features include:

* comfortable seat to rest tired legs in queues

* body of Trunki made of excellent quality, lightweight and durable plastic

* stabilised wheel base to prevent little ones from toppling over and for safe riding

* soft rubber trim around internal edges of Trunki to protect little fingers when packing

* strong pull along handle to entertain kids as they ride their very own Trunki

* front horn grips for children to hold onto when riding on Trunki

* carry handle for adults to easily pickup Trunki at the departure gate

* internal pouch to help organise items

Measures 46cmL x 20cmW x 31cmH (1.7kg)


Additional information

Weight 1.700 kg
Dimensions 46 × 20 × 31 cm


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